Who We Serve

Our clients are often federal professionals, recent retirees, or business owners whom are family focused. Our clients have different questions, but very similar traits. We define the clients we serve not by their career choices or ages but by their personalities and beliefs about money.

Are you an aspiring retiree who has enjoyed a long career?
Do you crave clarity and detailed plans?
Do you want your questions answered in a careful, conservative, and organized way?

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Who We Serve

Modest & Down-to-Earth • Careful & Conservative
Organized & Detail-Oriented

Who We Serve

What We Do

ClearLogic provides clients an array of services, including:

•  Financial Planning  •  Retirement Advice  •  Investment Management  •  Tax Planning
•  Insurance Analysis  •  Estate Planning  •  Asset Consolidation
•  Annual Plan Update Meetings  •  Answers To Unlimited Questions

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis, guiding them through
the financial decisions they have to make. We support them to:

  •  save and accumulate assets  •  achieve their financial goals  •  prepare for retirement
•  transition into retirement  •  utilize assets wisely in retirement  •  enjoy financial peace of mind


How We Work

In addition to an annual meeting, quarterly reports, and additional updates, we are 100% available by phone or email to address any concern, answer any question, or analyze any situation – then support and coach a client through implementing a mutually chosen path of action.

We work to maximize our clients’ dollars, honor their emotions, and minimize their stress – with an approach that conservative and long-term oriented – so clients can enjoy their lives.

ClearLogic is a fee-only fiduciary – giving 100% service for a maximum 1% fee. (Our fee is based on a percentage of assets, starting at 1% for the first $1 million of assets and then decreasing – with a minimum of $5,000 per year.)


How we are known…

Handling “all things financial” for our clients… taking the burden off them… going beyond investment advice (e.g., insurance and legal pointers, referrals, whether to buy or rent, downsizing, car purchase, etc.)
A small firm about personal connections…  working collaboratively with clients, which is very key…  becoming great friends with them… knowing their families.
A very professional team, accessible and responsive…  listening to a client’s whole situation… following a planning process tied to client’s comfort level… tailoring things to a client’s needs and wants… providing clear thinking and sound judgment.

Why ClearLogic

10 Reasons To Work With ClearLogic

Featured Blog Post

A Little Apathy Might Be Good For Your Long-Term Investment Returns

We often beat the drums about staying the course and thinking long-term.  We recommend this article; in which, Barry Ritholtz eloquently justifies several of ClearLogic’s Investment Principles regarding long-term thinking.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the article:

  • “investors spend too much time worrying about risks that are either statistically unlikely or, conversely, the kind of risk that ends up being good for their portfolios over the long haul.”
  • “over the past century, U.S. stocks have returned about 10 times what Treasurys have, although they also experienced numerous massive selloffs over that time”
  • “Politics and investing don’t mix…How does knowing the political party of a president impact a portfolio if a portfolio will outlast the administration? People who make decisions out of fear or politics miss out.” 

There will be market corrections, some significant.  (This why at ClearLogic we prepare for them in our clients’ portfolios and financial plans and work with our clients so that they are prepared for them not just financially, but also mentally and emotionally.)


The Value of Financial Clarity

Financial clarity is liberating. Financial clarity means having confidence and assurance regarding financial decisions.

7 Retirement Tips for Federal Employees

A must-read for Federal Employees approaching retirement. Don’t make unalterable mistakes when completing the CSRS or FERS retirement paperwork.

Evidence-Based Investment Insights

Three essential ideas on how to invest with greater confidence, with evidence instead of emotion guiding your way.