We believe financial advice should come from professionals with your best interests in mind and not commissions. Our services are designed for people in their working years and all stages of retirement looking for on-going, comprehensive advice on:

  • Saving for & transitioning to retirement
  • Pension plan options
  • Social Security benefits
  • Saving for college or private school
  • Medicare options
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance coverage
  • Investment management
  • Career changes / opportunities
  • Selecting a retirement community
  • Major purchases, such as buying a house or second home
  • Long term care
  • Estate planning & help with estate administration
  • Financial planning for people with disabilities and special needs.

We meet with you annually with your Financial Planner to update your financial plan and make sure you are on track.

We will also review your tax return from a different point of view than your CPA.

While your CPA looks backward to see how much tax you owe, we look forward to make your plan tax-efficient.

For clients in their early retirement years, we also prepare multi-year tax and cash flow projections to map out the road ahead.

See our blog for more information on the tax complexities facing today’s retirees.

We have extensive experience with the intricacies of Military and federal employee benefits, including TSP, FERS, and CSRS.

Unlike firms that recommend individual securities, our investment approach minimizes conflicts of interest and onerous financial disclosure requirements.

If you are required to submit an annual financial disclosure form, we prepare the form for you giving you peace of mind that your financial disclosure requirements are handled properly.

If you are retiring, we guide you through the OPM forms and processes to ensure you select the best options for your circumstances.

Since comprehensive financial planning and investment management go hand in hand, our services also include investment management.

Together you and your Financial Planner develop an investment strategy based on your financial plan and individual risk tolerance.

Every quarter we review your portfolio’s allocation and rebalance if necessary to ensure your portfolio stays on target.

Collaboration is a key ingredient in how we build fruitful, long-term client relationships.

You’ll notice very quickly working with ClearLogic advisors that we’re about asking, listening, questioning, clarifying and quantifying.

We work diligently to uncover the details that really matter.

We are advocates for evidence-based investing with a focus on reducing costs and taxes.

Evidence-based investing rigorously incorporates academic research, measuring how markets have delivered long-term wealth to focused investors.

The evidence is compelling that investors have higher expected returns when they reject actively managed funds, and invest in low-cost, globally diversified funds, within an asset allocation appropriate for them.


Focusing on asset allocation and asset location  to optimally deliver market returns “Market Timing”  – investors underperform the markets by several percent per year by trying to forecast markets movements
Investing in well-diversified, low-cost mutual funds that give you broad exposure to all financial markets “Active” security stock selection
Picking target allocations to support your financial plan, then sticking to those targets; rebalancing to targets only when necessary Constantly trading in and out of investments
Recognizing that every year the top performing asset classes change, and that “chasing performance” ends in lower returns Using past performance as an indicator for future performance

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