We serve:

  • Federal professionals and military with many questions as they near retirement.
  • Retirees who want to optimize their life savings and want assurance they are doing everything they can to enjoy a happy and long retirement.
  • Those that have lost their life partner and are now unsure they can handle their finances alone.
  • Professionals and business owners who are raising families and building careers.

Our clients come from various backgrounds, careers, and stages in life and, therefore, have different questions and concerns. However, they have a lot in common.

Our clients are modest, down-to-earth people. They have learned the value of living below their means and saving money for a rainy day or for retirement. Our clients are careful and cautious by nature.   They are fiscally conservative with their resources. Our clients are thorough, organized, and analytical people. They don’t make big decisions without doing their research.

Because of these traits, our clients typically have been managing their own investments, maybe with help from a broker, when they first meet us. They have recognized that their circumstances now warrant an advisor to help guide them. Usually, the concern is a looming retirement, a recent inheritance, a growing family, or simply their investments now exceed what they are comfortable managing themselves.

We serve people that know they want a fee-only, fiduciary to advise them. Our clients know we do not accept commissions and do not receive any compensation from any institution. They know this business model minimizes conflicts of interest. Most importantly, because we are a fiduciary, our clients know that we will never put our own interests above theirs.

If the descriptions above resonate with you, we would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about you and why you are interested in a financial planning relationship.